Genesee Earth Week 2020 Update

I created this email address: for all official Earth Week correspondence, which will be easier for me to manage on my end. Moving forward, if you have any questions, please direct them here.

I apologize for the lateness of this reply. I was out all last week serving jury duty (if you’re curious, this was the case), and what was thought to be a short trial ended up taking four work days out of last week, so I’m just now getting caught up on Earth Week planning.

First of all, due to my downtime last week, we will be postponing our press conference which was originally scheduled for January 21st. I will be connecting with Factory Two, and a few of you, to reschedule accordingly, and send an update once the new date has been confirmed. This means some of the deadlines will be updated accordingly to reflect this. I’ll have those to everyone as soon as we figure out the press conference details.

Second, I’ll be sending out individual messages this week to each planning committee to encourage those who signed-up (It’s not too late to join a planning committee! You can do so here: to coordinate a regular meeting date/time outside of our general Earth Week planning meetings, etc.

Third, I’ve created two Google Drive Folders for organizations to submit photos. Please DO NOT email your logos/photos to either this email address or my personal address. I simply do not have the capacity to upload dozens of photos in my free time (friendly reminder that the time I commit to Earth Week is 100% volunteered and not paid time, so I typically have to work outside of my normal work week). You have been given “edit” access on these folders, so please be very careful as to not delete/remove/use photos that do not belong to your organization.

Logo Folder – High-Res photos of your organizations’ logo, if you have multiple images, create a subfolder with your organizations’ name. See example from Genesee Conservation District.

Stock Photo Folder – Create a subfolder with your organizations’ name, and include any stock photos from events or programming you wish to be included in our digital promotion package. See example from Genesee Conservation District.

Lastly, Monday, February 3rd, at 12pm at the Local Grocer, will be our next Earth Week General Planning Meeting! Please save the date accordingly.

So please take some time to upload your photos/logos this week, so we can get those over to the U of M Flint Design class, so they can start working on some content for us accordingly. If you have trouble or issues with uploading, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, and I’d be happy to help from my end.

With that, we are officially 88 days away from our Earth Week Kick-off Event, so keep that in mind in the coming weeks, so we can remain focused as we edge closer to Earth Week 2020!

All the best,

Dan Moilanen
Genesee Conservation District – Board of Directors

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