Freedom of Information Day Celebrated at UM-Flint Thursday

March 18 is Freedom of Information Day

UM-Flint Student Government and COM 331: Media Law will sponsor two events Thursday, March 16 to celebrate it.

COM 331 students will be handing out FOIA Buttons around campus from noon – 2 p.m.
Three groups of students (3-5 students) will promote Freedom of Information Day (March 18) by handing out FOIA pins and information at three locations around campus. (1) The Pavillion Lunch Court; (2) Mill Street Parking Lot; (3) Flint Farmers Market. The three groups will have banners and will hand out the buttons from their location.

Student Government & COM 331 students will host two lawyers Thursday from 2 – 5 p.m. in French Hall 111 to answer questions students may have about immigrant law issues or the day-to-day legal issues they confront such as landlord/tenant, DUI’s, loan contracts, etc.

Local Attorneys Samantha Orvis and Alexandra Nassar will be available to cover issues of interest to participants.

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