Free City

Flint Public Art Project’s Free City Festival returns August 19th and 20th 2016, to the Chevy Commons. Now in its fourth season, Free City takes on the theme of Motion and Play inviting installations, sculptures, projections, and performances employing movement of objects and people through unexpected, unexplainable, and uncanny means. In its investigation of the phenomenology of motion, Free City 2016 invites artists and participants to ask: How do we move? For what purpose?

Flint Public Art Project (FPAP) invites you to help make this festival possible by making a donation today. Our goal of $10,000will support fees, expenses, and materials for emerging artists, providing them a platform to explore their work and give audiences Flint Unexpected experiences. This year, approximately 3,000 attendees from the wonderfully diverse communities of Flint, southeast Michigan, and beyond will attendthe Free City events. Due to the Social Disruption of the Flint water this year’s festival is more important than ever. The event will bring vital energy and enjoyment to a community that has experienced such upheaval for the past year.

FPAP’s mission is to organize public events, workshops and temporary installations to inspire residents to reimagine the city, reclaim vacant and underutilized buildings and lots, and use innovative tools to steer Flint’s long-range planning. It supports collaborations among local residents and organizations as well as with leading artists, architects, planners and community organizers from around the world, connecting Flint to regional, national, and global movements to revitalize neighborhoods and cities though art and design. The project documents and amplifies the many ways local residents, businesses, and institutions are transforming Flint and its public image and identity, and broadcasting this story to audiences throughout the city and the world.


  • Raise $10,000 to help underwrite the expenses related to producing FPAP’s Free City Festival. These expenses include: the honorarium awarded to each of the featured artists; marketing and outreach; event security; photo and video documentation of the Free City activities; artists’ housing; and production and wrap-up costs.
  • To reconnect residents to the Chevy Commons site and its future potential.
  • Build networks of support for local, national, international artists and the Flint community that are productive and lasting.
  • Provide a venue for the creative voices in our community to tell our stories and empower one another to take control of our own narratives.

$10-$75: Helps underwrite the expenses for housing the artists.
$100: Enables us to provide meals and travel assistance for our artists and volunteers.
$200: Helps underwrite an honorarium awarded to one of the festival’s featured artists who will present excerpts from new work or a piece that has not yet been presented to the public.
$500: Helps underwrite the costs of travel materials needed to help the artists realize their projects
$1,000: Helps underwrite production and documentation costs, including venue and equipment rental, photographers, publications, etc.

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