FNU Newspaper

To: All members
Re: Flint Our Community Our Voice Newspaper

There are difficulties related to the production and distribution of this publication. A meeting was held last week to identify possibilities, concerns, questions and potential answers.

Should Flint Our Community Our Voice Newspaper continue and how will we make that happen? These questions will be explored at the Neighborhood Engagement Hub, Saturday, June 13 at 9:00 a.m. If you still feel or have recently decided it’s important to have this publication to share stories about and from the communities around the city, please come to this meeting.

The attached documents provide information about the current condition of the paper, both financial and engagement; concerns and questions recently voiced; and suggestions for the future.

If the paper is important to you; you want to hear more about the newspaper; or want to share observations that might be helpful, please think about ways to keep this resource viable and come brainstorm with us about its potential.

Again, we are meeting Saturday, June 13 at 9:00 a.m. Hope to see you there.

Sandra E

Flint Our Community Our Voice

A publication of Flint Neighborhoods United

Meeting June 13, 2015 9:00 AM
Neighborhood Engagement Hub / Salem Housing

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss options for the future of the paper.

Current Debt
Revenue Pending
$ 48 (Ads)
$100? (From FNU?)

Current Cost is Approx. $1,000 per edition of 5,000 -12 pgs. (3 plates w/1 color) Cost is $235/plate

Courier (CPSA)
East Village Magazine


Give to another organization

Topics for Discussion:
FNU Role in Decision Making
Communications Committee’s Role
Is FOCOV needed or not

  • If FOCOV is not needed does FNU body shut down the paper?
  • If continues: Money Sources? Sponsors? Ads? Foundations? Crowd Sourcing?

If Partnership

  • Missions of Partners – Can we mesh?
  • Any topics off limits? Church? Organizational info (Paid or Unpaid)? Politics?
  • What would shared costs look like? Would we be an info/ad pass through?

How Is It Used?

  • Continue with Hard Copy Only
  • Develop Full Electronic Edition
  • Electronic Edition Only
  • Do as a Broadside
  • Do as an insert in another entity
  • How often to publish
  • Do as a 2 sided broadside w/Community Info at every FNU mtg. #2,000 copies?

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