FNU Chat from 6-3-23

09:43:17 From Cathy – Operations at Habitat  to  Everyone: Genesee County Habitat for Humanity is now hiring for the position of Intake Coordinator. See https://www.geneseehabitat.org/employment.html for details. If interested, please send cover letter, resume, and 3 professional references to operations@geneseehabitat.org by 8:30 am Monday June 12 or drop off materials at 101 Burton St, Flint, MI 48503 by same date and time.

09:47:21 From Doris Viverette to Everyone: The 2nd annual Juneteenth Kickoff celebration hosted by GenWel United Flint will be Saturday June 10 at 1pm to 5 pm. Located at Sarvis Park. Free food and much fun planned.

09:49:25 From Jerome’s New Connection to Everyone: Sloan Museum of Discovery & Longway Planetarium is hosting The Spotlight Juneteenth Event on Friday, June 16th from 11am-4pm. We are partnered with the 51st Traditional Flint Juneteenth Committee. For more information and a list of all the events from June 9th-19th, please checkout this link: http://www.sloanlongway.org/Juneteenth

09:49:38 From Doris Viverette to Everyone: Ballenger Square Community Association will have their membership meeting on Saturday June 10th at 10am. Located at New Community Baptist Church on Mackin Road and Lavender. Guest speakers are joe Arnold, Community First and Tommie Johnson- Mayor’s Office. All are invited.

09:50:09 From Jerome’s New Connection to Everyone: I can be reached at (810) 845-5122  or jthrelkeld@sloanlongway.org. Thanks for all you do!

09:50:57 From Doris Viverette to Everyone: The kick off for Juneteenth also partners with the original Juneteenth Committee.

10:03:06 From Jerome’s New Connection to Everyone: To be a vendor for the Juneteenth Celebration, see link for information: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1V-KcXEQ37haaV6TEvZehGWlaOGBqUHlQWXuMvpmIpZM/viewform?edit_requested=true

10:08:45 From Mona Munroe-Younis to Everyone: Good morning, all! Mona Munroe-Younis from the Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint here. Just want to share that the state environmental agency released its 2024 plan for air quality monitors around the state, and 5he public comment period is now open for the plan. Despite weekly meetings about the Ajax case, they didn’t include a sufficient monitor for Flint. We’re working with environmental attorneys to prepare a public comment that community members and orgs can sign onto. We expect it to be released by June 12th.

10:23:51 From Giovanni Ireland (he/him) to Everyone: Good morning, everyone! Giovanni Ireland from Metro Community Development, Inc. I am sharing information about our upcoming Homeownership Open House in Collaboration with the Flint Housing Commission. It’ll be Friday June 16th 10am to 3pm at Howard Estates in Flint. Our next Financial Empowerment Class (financial literacy education course) will be Saturday June 17th 10am to 12:30pm online via Zoom. Our next Fair Housing & Pre Purchase class will be Tuesday June 20th 4pm to 5:30pm online and in person. We offer a variety of services and programs. For more information please contact us at: (810)767-4622 ext: 350 or ext: 380; Email us at: gireland@metroflint.org or ddotson@metroflint.org

10:26:03 From Cade Surface to Everyone: Check out www.betterblockflint.org to see updates on the public space transformation that neighbors will be bringing to 401 MLK Ave. in Flint. We will use feedback via survey to help us determine how the space will be redesigned. Please consider completing it yourself and sharing it with your neighbors.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdGas3ghcyrME2kjNQAStANEhqvP6yfxQRe-XqAj0_HbodEUw/viewform

11:13:59 From Flint Public Library to Everyone: Peacekeepers 810-391-3911 or 810.293.0107

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