Flint Public Library Millage – November 3, 2015

Flint Public Library is requesting an additional .6 mills (6/10 of one mill) on the November 3 ballot. Here are some common questions and answers about what and why.
Q. Why is the Library proposing a millage increase?
A. Library revenue dropped 50% from 2009-2013, as property values fell throughout Flint. Although the budget has been cut dramatically, the Library currently has a gap between revenue and expenses.

Q. Does the millage pay for all the Library’s operations?
A. The Library is funded almost entirely with local millage dollars plus any fundraising and grants we can attract. State aid and Federal grants provide less than 10% of the Library’s revenue.

Q. How will the money be spent?
A. It will allow the Library to maintain its current hours of service.

Q. How much will it cost me?
A. For a $50,000 home (with a taxable value of $25,000), the millage will cost an additional $15 per year.

Q. My home has a different value. How do I calculate my cost?
A. Divide the taxable value of your home by 1,000. then multiply that number by 0.6. You can find the taxable value of your home on your tax bill.

If you would like to learn more about the Flint Public Library millage or would like to schedule a presentation at your block club, church, or school. please call the Library Director’s office at 810.249.2039.

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