Flint Our Community Our Voice Invitation

Participate in any or all of the tasks for future editions. It is incredibly interesting and important. Test it out and “own” this community resource. Tell Sandra Robinson, Jane Richardson, Carma Lewis what you might want to learn more about.

Expect that you might invest 3 – 5 hours a month if you are a part of this communications tool.

How to be involved:

  • Write – articles due in by the 15th – email to janerichardson@salemhousing.org – provide your phone number and email contact. Tell Sandra Robinson (elmparkbaya3@gmail.com) or Carma Lewis (cllj@hotmail.com) what you are writing on.
  • Suggest articles and who to contact – and be willing to make that contact – or tell us why you think the topic would be good to cover.
  • Join the editorial board reviewing what is in the newspaper, and what is missing, and help plan content for first 3 pages and back page.
  • Update the standing articles
  • Sell ads
  • Distribute papers at start of month

Newspaper structure for volunteer newspaper – it is a business with all components of a business – great place to learn!

Resources for layout, printing
Resources for producing

Editorial Board – responsible for policies, content, scheduling, evaluating, sustainability
Writers – many points of view
Communicators – plan & implement:

  • who contacts whom and does the follow-ups,
  • where do articles get sent,
  • edit, (and communications with layout person)
  • who decides placement in paper, layout, final proof
  • who monitors (advertising, announcing, timely)
  • website and Facebook linkage

Sales staff and structure of ads and opportunity and vision

Distribution: who to where and when… oversight and evaluation of gaps and interest at each site – pick up older papers

Subscriber mailings

Record-keeping: Accounting / fiduciary / post office box or address / pay bills

  • Legal documents
  • Archives of issues
  • Reporting to funders and potential funders

READERS! FNU listening and evaluating whether this communication is serving our many communities

Sandra Robinson, elmparkbay3@gmail.com
Carma Lewis, CLLJ@hotmail.com
Bill Hammond at whamm511@yahoo.com
Jane Richardson at janerichardson@salemhousing.org or 785-5340, ext 33

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