Flint: Our Community, Our Voice

Due to COVID 19 Concerns we find ourselves in a situation where the majority of locations available to us for distribution of copies of Flint: Our Community, Our Voice are drastically limited.

Locations we normally use are, for the most part, closed or limited to take out orders only.

Even so, the Staff of Flint: Our Community, Our Voice have no interest in potentially passing along the virus with a newspaper that may pass through several pairs of hands.

We HAVE published a newspaper for April and will continue to publish to give you as much information as you may need during this time of “sheltering in place.” We will just deliver it to you via Facebook, Twitter, the Flint Neighborhoods United website and via email. We encourage you to share these electronic copies with all in your constituent groups as well as your families and friends. Please ask them to share as well.

Flint Neighborhoods United website: www.flintneighborhoodsunited.org

April Flint: Our Community, Our Voice: https://bit.ly/2xRRk9m

Facebook: fb.com/FlintNeighborhoodsUnited/

Twitter: twitter.com/FNUFlint

Please be generous with sharing this information with family, friends and neighbors.

We are proud to make these temporary changes to keep our neighbors safe.

Thank you for all you do,


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