Flint Listening Session, MiVTTP Program, Wednesday 4/3

The Economic Growth Institute (EGI) at the University of Michigan, in partnership with Michigan Clean Cities (MICC), the State of Michigan Office of Future Mobility & Electrification (OFME), and the State of Michigan Department of Treasury, has launched the Michigan Vehicle Technology Transition Impact Project (MiVTTP).

Through engaging and inclusive listening sessions, MiVTTP seeks insights to support local workforce and economies during the auto industry’s shift to electric vehicles. These insights will inform strategic plans fostering growth in underserved Michigan communities, guiding them to seize new opportunities amidst industry transitions. Please see the attached flyer for more information on the program.

My name is LaTricia Mitchell. I work alongside Carmen Wells Quigg, senior project manager at the Economic Growth Institute. I am copying my partners from Michigan Clean Cities, namely Maggie Striz Calnin, director at MICC and Lauren Mixon, Marketing and Public Relations Manager at MICC and my co-facilitator for the listening session. We have connected with Faith Groesbeck, Jim Ananich, Corwin Matthews, Antonio Riggs, Tyler Bailey, Nic Custer, Phillip Thompson, Paula Nas, David Merot, Carma Lewis, Ladel Lewis, Tom Wyatt, Jessica Biliau, Dr. Beverly Brown, Judy Priestley, and Dondré Young. You have been identified as a key stakeholder and advocate in your local community, and we invite you to participate and share your perspectives on this issue in Flint.

Flint’s virtual listening session will take place Wednesday, April 3, 1:00-2:30 pm. Your calendar invite will arrive shortly. Please let us know if you have any questions ahead of that time. Please note that you will have to register via the Zoom link below before joining the meeting.

Thank you so much for your time!

Best wishes,
LaTricia Mitchell

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