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Please see the information below about the process GST Michigan Works will be using to get information to the community about opportunities for paid work experience related to the Flint water crisis.  Please share with your networks.


GST Michigan Works! is now accepting applications for positions to aid with water distribution to Flint residents. All positions are paid work experience employment opportunities which will be offered as part of qualified jobseeker’s participation in a federally funded program.

The focus of the program is to provide immediate assistance to the relief effort in the City of Flint, and to provide work experience to qualified individuals. Each participant employee will work with a GST Michigan Works! career facilitator as part of an overall plan for long term success in the job market.

Jody Kerbyson, CEO of GST Michigan Works! says the agency is looking forward to getting to work to help the citizens of Flint. Kerbyson added, “Not only will people have an opportunity to help others at water distribution sites, but they will begin the process of preparing for future careers by working closely with our staff, who will help them build skills for the job market.”

GST Michigan Works! is seeking to fill Leadership and Team Member positions for 9 Point of Delivery locations. A total of 81 positions are available at the time of this message. These are among the first wave of opportunities to be provided to Flint residents. GST Michigan Works! is committed to providing talent-based assistance and participating in the ongoing resolution of the Flint water emergency.

All positions coordinated by GST Michigan Works! will be open to all qualified applicants. Each position will be posted separately. Interested jobseekers with matching qualifications and position requirements should apply for each position.

Visit GST Michigan Works! website: www.gstmiworks.org/hotjobs for up-to-date postings, or follow on Twitter @GSTJOBS and Facebook/GSTMIWORKS. All positions will also be posted on the Pure Michigan Talent Connect www.mitalent.org and postings will be available in the Employment Services area of GST Michigan Works! located at 711 North Saginaw St. in Flint.

Mary Lorah-Hammond
Director of Program, Grant & Policy Administration
Ph. (810) 233-5627 Ext. 121
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