Flint Community School’s District has partnered with Smile Programs, the Mobile Dentists

Picture this.

You’re at school. In the lobby, a dentist awaits, the chair ready for you to get your teeth cleaned.

After your cleaning, you walk a few steps and then you’re in class.

Lack of access to proper dental care has been an ever-growing challenge for Flint community residents. To resolve this issue, Flint Community School’s District has partnered with a company called, Smile Programs, the Mobile Dentists, to provide the necessary dental care for kids.

Mobile Smiles visits the elementary schools in the district twice a year for dental cleaning, restorative work; including fillings, x-rays, and to seek further attention to those children in need during the next visit. The upcoming visit is schedule for Friday, December 6. Please let me know if you’d be interested in interviewing with a dentist and or district representative to discuss the Mobile Smiles partnership. I’d be happy to coordinate!

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