Final Draft OHL Logo

This is the perfect name for our city’s new Semi-Pro Hockey Team. This has the right dynamics, and it’s a real eye-opener. This is right for everyone involved, I just know it is.

“The Vehicle City Shock”

The Team Logo should have a bold neon yellow lightning bolt at a 25-30% angle in the center, coming to a point on both ends. The bolt should have splashes of rainbow colors as a backdrop; large enough to allow for the players bold white number to be highlighted within.

I’d also like to see a smaller version of the Logo on both shoulders; the same rainbow splash and neon yellow bolt, only with “Shock” in bold white letters at an opposing 25-30% angle over the Logo. I’d also like to see neon yellow bolts down the outside the calf’s of the pants, on the knuckles of the gloves, on the knee pads of the Goalie, and/or even on the sides of the skates. I believe this will not only serve as an ominous distraction to our opponents, but also as a focal-point to our own Teammates.

I not only like this visual, but I like the thought that our teams “Shock” Logo will be the last thing overambitious opponents see before getting hard-checked into the boards.

I can already hear the home crowd roar as they shout “Shocked” each time unsuspecting opponents get checked into the boards.

The uniform could go any number of ways, but I prefer a rich bold orange for the Home Jerseys, and a medium bright blue with a matching orange band or two around the lower sleeves for the Away Jerseys. The pants could be dark or a bright blue.

The uniforms ultimately could go any number of ways, but I still believe the more bold Yellow Neon Bolts, the better.

I believe it’s the smaller shoulder emblems that will really sell this Team Logo. I believe it will sell more Jerseys, and ultimately sell more Tickets.

So please help me get this out there. Help me build support for what should ultimately become our new OHL Logo; the “Vehicle City Shock.” The Mayor already seems to like the idea. Thank you for your time.

J. (Tony) Schlis
(810) 742-6741

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