Family needed for unaccompanied Ethiopian siblings

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan (LSSM) is looking for a foster family and potential adoptive home for unaccompanied Ethiopian siblings.

The family fled their home country following harassment by Ethiopian security forces, including the destruction of the family business and all family property, and arrest of their father. The children fled to Kenya with their mother, who went missing at the border.

The 6 children (ages 5 to 16) are living with a stranger while the oldest works to provide for the family. They have no schooling or permanent housing, and the youngest children are often left without a guardian.

These children need a family.

LSSM will provide services to help you:

  • Daily stipend
  • Clothing allowance
  • Counseling
  • Interpretation
  • Legal assistance

If you want to help but are unable to take all 6 siblings, LSSM will consider placing them with two families, provided both families are able and willing to work together to maintain the children’s close relationship.

Can you help?
Contact Martha Hess at, (517) 827-5130 or (517) 321-7663

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