COVID-19 Grant Opportunities for Local Small Businesses

Moving Flint Forward Grant Program

Anyone who owns and operates a business within the city of Flint. Small businesses for this program will be defined as 25 or fewer employees. Applicants must have an existing business plan. (Technical assistance is available for those who need it.) The business may not be a franchise. It also must be in good standing and not in bankruptcy, as of the date of submission. The owner(s) must not be listed on the Michigan State Police Sex Offender Registry. Nonprofits are not eligible to receive funds.

Grantees will be awarded up to $10,000 to expand their businesses; make repairs and leasehold improvements; and/or purchase inventory and equipment. (Debt service on any federal, state or local taxes owed are not eligible expenses for program consideration.)

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The Genesee County Minority Business Recovery Grant Program

The program will assist African-American, and Latinx owned small businesses that have incurred expenses related to protecting employees and customers from the spread of COVID-19, were open for business during the aid period and located within Genesee County.

To be considered for a grant award, qualified businesses must complete an application and provide information about the expenses incurred. Covered expenses include those incurred by a shutdown, supplies (face masks/shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, check-out shields), equipment, disinfection & sanitizing services, and other technical services to protect employees and customers.

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