Citizen’s Radio Patrol Halloween Task Force


Angel’s Night and Halloween is upon us. First, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for attending the training and volunteering to help keep your neighborhoods and city safe. Without your help, this project would not exist.

Equipment pick up will be Friday, October 30th, beginning at 5:00 pm at the three Service Centers (addresses are below) for those of you that have already attended a training session. If you have not attended a training session, or know anyone that would like to participate, please have them attend the final training session at the Flint Police Department in the Roll Call room on Friday at 4:00 pm.

For pick up, you don’t have to be there right at 5:00 pm and will be able to pick up equipment throughout the night. Please be prepared to sign out the radios and have a copy of your drivers license. The base stations will begin monitoring radio patrols at 6:00 pm on both Friday and Saturday. Please check in over the radio at the beginning of your patrol and check out at the end of your patrol. Remember to speak loud and clear. Base stations will shut down on Friday at 2:00 am and on Saturday at 12:00 am. If you plan to patrol on Saturday, take your equipment home and charge it if you have a portable radio. Please turn in the equipment on Friday if you are not planning to patrol on Saturday. You should turn in your equipment at the service center you checked it out at on Saturday, however, if you are not able to do so, you may turn it in at the Dort Mall Service Center on Monday from 9-5 pm to Mark Smith.

Dort Mall Service Center: 3600 S. Dort Hwy – (810) 221-7203 – Command Center and will operate on Channel 1.
Kettering Service Center: 1625 W. University Ave – (810) 232-7746 – Will operate on Channel 2.
Hallwood Plaza Service Center: 4912 Clio Rd (the old Radio Shack) – Will Operate on Channel 3 – This is a brand new service center and the phones are not yet operational. Please contact the Dort Mall Service Center for any questions throughout the night that can’t be answered over the radio.

If anyone has any questions before then, please email or call.

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