Citizen’s Radio Patrol Dispatch Class

Fellow Concerned and Active Citizens of Flint,

Halloween is coming soon and the Citizen’s Radio Patrol can use your help. I am reaching out to each and every one of you and asking you to participate in the Citizen’s Radio Patrol this coming Halloween Weekend, October 28-31. We need citizens on patrol and we need dispatchers in base stations.

To that end, dispatcher training will be held THIS Friday night at 6:00pm at the Dort Service Center in the Dort Mall at the corner of Dort Highway and Atherton Road, right next door to the new location of A Frame Awards. You will learn everything you need to know to run a base station and be the liaison between emergency dispatch and your “team.”

Remember that we need volunteers for the holiday weekend as well. The more volunteers we get, the less time each of us will need to patrol. It doesn’t all revolve around driving around. Sometimes it just means parking close by a “target” building that COULD be torched and your presence prevents it. Keeping an eye on trick or treaters and, occasionally helping with traffic control. It’s easy and safe!

Fill in the attached form and send it to Mark Smith at or call him at 810-308-2703. You should be able to just open the attachment, fill out the form and click on the “email” icon and send it directly to Mark.

I’d like to see each of you out there! it’s really a fun adventure!

CRP Dispatch Class (PDF)

Best Regards,

Chris Frye
Citizen’s Radio Patrol

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