Can you help me with outreach?

Good morning,

My name is Lysa Postula-Stein, JD and I’m a Staff  Attorney with the Center for Civil Justice and I need your help.

Since 2014, the Flint Housing Commission (FHC) has been miscalculating the utility allowances it distributes to public housing tenants and Section 8 Voucher recipients. As a result, utility allowance distributions have been severely deficient. Low-income families have had to make up the shortfalls themselves or do without.

These families don’t know they have been short-changed, so they aren’t looking for help. In order to help them, I first have to find them. Would you help me?

There are a few ways you can help:

  1. Distribute the attached flyer to your staff, clients and colleagues (let me know if I can provide you with copies);
  2. Encourage people who fit the client profile (below) to call me right away; and
  3. Connect me with other direct service providers would be willing to help.

The client profile is every individual who:

  1. at any time since 2014;
  2. lived in FHC public housing; or
  3. received Sec. 8 Vouchers from the FHC.

The bigger my group is, the stronger the case will be. Thank you for whatever support you can offer.

Download the flyer

Warm regards,

Lysa Postula-Stein, JD
Staff Attorney
436 S. Saginaw St., Suite 400
Flint, Michigan  48502
Office: (800) 724-7441 / (810) 244-8044

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