Award Winning Animator will Make Film in 2 Hrs Saturday with FYFF workshop participants

Academy Award Nominee and award winning animator Gary Schwartz will lead Flint Youth Film Festival participants through an animation project Saturday from noon – 2 p.m., at the White Building on the UM-Flint campus. The participants will animate and complete a film together during the workshop.

It is open and free to anyone interested in film making.

Gary Schwartz 2016 BIO

“Magic inspires my art; the something that comes from nothing.”

Gary Schwartz is an Academy Award nominated filmmaker, award winning animator, director, artist & educator. Mr. Schwartz conducts intensive hands-on Kinetic Visual Storytelling Animation workshops in elementary, middle, high school, under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate, professional training, film festivals, museums, summer camps, community centers, prisons & psychiatric hospitals national & internationally in an environment of creativity, imagination & self-expression.

Through his company, Single Frame Films, Gary produced, designed & directed animation for Disney, Sesame Street, MTV, Fox Television, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and others.

His kinetic cinema sculptures, installations & films have been exhibited in major museums & galleries internationally.


“Our writers and poets (animators/storytellers) find the meaning, or hidden life, in the observable life, they elicit from the visible what is invisible – who we are and where we are going and to what moral consequence.” –E.L. Doctorow

Students are immersed in the theory & practice of animation in this intensive hands-on process oriented laboratory for creative inquiry into time-based media.  Covering direct & handmade process/techniques, students develop animation concepts & skills through the (9) areas of focus in this course.  From Zoetropes, Flipbooks, Spin cycle & Pixilation, the Exquisite corpse (Anijam), Under-light Sand to Paper Cut-Out Collage, Clay & Shadow Puppets.  Creativity, imagination & self-expression in both the individual & group projects are emphasized.

Students are introduced to animation from the perspective of the artist.  As artists they find their own voice through the discipline of animation as an artist’s medium for self-expression from a materials based perspective.

Yours 1 Frame @ a Time
Gary Schwartz
Youtube: ztrawhcsg
Skype: ztrawhcs1

ROBOTO! video

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