50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program

50/50 Program Goals
The 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program is a voluntary participation program through a partnership between the City of Flint and its residents where each party pays 50% of the total cost to replace concrete sidewalks.

Qualifying Criteria
Property must be zoned residential (i.e. dwelling, single family home).
Property owner intends to remove and replace the sidewalk, regardless of the condition.
Property owner intends to install sidewalk where there is currently no sidewalk.
How to Apply
Property owner may apply to participate in the program either by picking up a Sidewalk Replacement Program application, or by completing the 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program application below.

Remember to specify on the draft of the application where the sidewalk is to be replaced.
Specify on the application if the sidewalk in need of replacement is located on the corner (the ramp leading into the street).
After the application has been reviewed by Street Maintenance, the applicant will be contacted within ten business days and informed of the city’s decision to provide the 50% match for the applicant to participate in the 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program.

In order to participate in the 50/50 program you must submit a deposit totaling 50% of the estimated sidewalk replacement cost to City of Flint-Treasurer, which will be retained until the Contractor completes the sidewalk replacement project. Payments can be made by check/money order/cash. The City of Flint will process payment to the Contractor upon acceptance and completion of all required work that will include the property owner’s 50% retainage and the City of Flint’s 50% match.

Download the application (PDF) or fill it out here: https://www.cityofflint.com/public-works/transportation-2/5050-sidewalk-replacement-program-2/

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