2019-20 Annual Action Plan Funding

Every year, the City of Flint receives requests for funding of many worthy activities that far exceed the limited CDBG, ESG and HOME funds that we receive annually from HUD. This year was no exception.

The review of applications for funds began back in February of this year, with the receipt of applications in the office. These applications were assembled into packets and reviewed by a City-Wide Advisory Council (CWAC). This group is comprised of one person from each ward and two people recommended by Administration. Many hours were put into reviewing and recommending activities for funding by this group. The recommendations were then sent to Administration for review and approvals, which then subsequently were forwarded to City Council for final approval and approval of the Action Plan Resolution.

That being said, not all applicants are able to be awarded funds, or funded in the entirety for which they requested. Attached are the recommendations that were approved by the Council and submitted as a part of the 2019-20 Annual Action Plan to HUD. The 45-day review period, by HUD, for the Annual Action Plan is underway.

Those not receiving funding as a part of the 2019-20 year are encouraged to apply for support in the 2020-21 application period to come in late 2019.

If you were recommended for funding as a part of the 2019-20 Annual Action Plan, our staff will be in contact with you this week for the required contract development information.

2019-20 Funding Recommendations (PDF)

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