2015 SPEAK to Your Health Community Survey

Dear Flint Neighborhoods United,

The Speak To Your Health! Community Survey Committee would like to request your help in supporting the data collection of our 2015 survey. As a major community organization, we are asking you to encourage the participation of your staff/members in the online survey. The survey can be accessed through the Genesee County Health Department’s mobile-friendly website at www.gchd.us/speak.

The 2015 Speak to Your Health! Community Survey collects important information about health status and quality of life concerns of Genesee County residents. Residents are asked about a variety of health and quality of life issues, including access to health care, neighborhood conditions, health status, health behaviors, and more.

Information from previous surveys has been used to obtain funding for programs to prevent violence, provide health coverage, reduce sexually transmitted infections, improve neighborhood conditions and address other community health priorities. It has also been used to inform the City of Flint’s Master Planning Process and the strategic plan of the Genesee County Health Department and other health care organizations.

We have included newsletter articles, health briefs and infographic materials and would greatly appreciate you sharing this information with your staff/members and encourage them to participate in the survey. We want to hear from them as we work to improve the health status of all Genesee County residents. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding the survey or if we can provide specific materials for your organization.

Brad Snyder, M.P.H.
Genesee County Health Department
Speak to Your Health Survey Committee Member

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