2-1-1 Update Flint Water Response for Thursday, March 22, 2016

This is the daily 2-1-1 summary on the Flint Water Response for Thursday, March 24, 2016


Call volume to 2-1-1 remains manageable with additional staffing in place to assist Flint callers.


  • The EPA issued a press release with an update on its investigation of skin rashes attributed to Flint water. Key statements:
    • At this time, current analysis of the water in Flint does not indicate health concerns for bathing or showering.
    • The goal of this skin rash investigation, led by MDHHS and supported by CDC and EPA, is to identify specific public health interventions to mitigate rash illness.
      • Next week, in an effort to further inform the skin rash investigation, EPA will expand its current water sampling program in Flint homes and other points in the distribution system for disinfection byproducts, including trihalomethanes (THM) and additional organic compounds.
      • The investigation is expected to be completed in late April or early May 2016.
      • Full press release at: https://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/0/9dd82ed83d31f39a85257f80007c27b3?OpenDocument



  • RESOLVED From 3/22: Water distribution will be moving from fire stations to 9 locations in city wards, as noted in the Community Workgroup minutesOne week after the new sites are operational, the fire station locations will transition out of water resource distribution.  CAN SEOC PROVIDE 2-1-1 A TIMELINE FOR THE TRANSITION TO THE NEW DISTRIBUTION SITES, THEIR LOCATION AND HOURS OF OPERATION?
    RESOLUTION: SEOC provided a detailed update with the following information:

    • We currently have a Community Water Resource Site practical training operation occurring in Ward 3 at Greater Holy Temple, 6702 North Dort Highway. More than 10 new job opportunities have been provided to Flint residents at this site. More than 25 individuals are undergoing training or will be undergoing training through this week.
    • More practical training will be happening in Wards 1 and 6 through the beginning of next week.
    • At this time, no hard transition date is set. Once the plans are finalized, we’ll pass along the information to United Way 211, community groups, etc. At this time, the five fire stations will remain open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to provide much-needed water commodities. No closures are currently scheduled.
    • As noted above under General Information, to date, more than 400 applications have been received for the 81 jobs at the Community Water Resource Sites. More job opportunities will be announced as they become available.
    • Flint residents interested in working at a Community Water Resource Site are encouraged go to www.mitalent.org.


  • The Community Partners Communications Workgroup is asking for guidance from the State of Michigan on the following issues: 
    • What affects does heat/time have on the plastic water bottles?
    • Regarding the side-effects of lead: On average how soon do symptoms appear?
    • Who is testing the samples provided by residents? Is more than just lead and coper levels being tested? If so what is being tested?
    • Will lead be passed on to recipients that received blood, organs or plasma from Flint donors?
  • From 3/8/16:The Communications Workgroup requested a diagram or org chart of the crisis response mechanism and how all parties work together, including JIC, EOC, SECO, UCG,CHECC, ACE, CDC, EPA, DEQ, HHS, DHHS, FEMA.
  • From 3/8/16:The Communications Workgroup requested coordination by state, federal and local governments on thedistribution of information related to the Flint Water situation and the response, emphasizing the community doesn’t want multiple information documents for every department. They are asking for one consistent document on key issues and a mechanism to provide feedback to government entities prior to releasing information.
  • From 3/23/16: Follow up from Governor Snyder’s Tele Town Hall with Flint residents
    • Appliance and water heater replacement
      • 2-1-1 is following up with the governor’s office for information on any other options to address appliance repair and/or replacement.
    • Hair loss and painful scalp condition attributed to water were reported by an elderly woman
      • 2-1-1 is following up with DHHS to verify if reports of hair loss/scalp problems should follow the same referral process that is in place for skin rash referrals.
    • Pet safety was addressed
      • 2-1-1 is following up to determine of the MSU Veterinary School will be offering additional free pet testing following the pet testing event on March 19.

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